Rapare 16 Whiringi -a- nuku

Thursday 16 November

Today I was on release, doing the snow-drifts of paperwork that accompany this job. Mr Jukes was in keeping the programme going. Thanks so much for his expertise!

We are in training for November 23rd, ATHLETICS DAY. Look at us go!

Here we are getting organised for our Play Week, next week.

Who's this guy????

Plays and characters


Maggie's back after her funeral in Australia.

Sam you look like a punk rocker!

James immersed in a story.
Raapa 15 Whiringa-a-nuku

Wednesday 15 November

NPS was represented at the Welearn17 conference. Pippa and Api were the Room 11 representatives.

Winners headphones!

Winners all round

Our amazing team.

Table football??

Our children represented us so well at the Welearn conference. I am so proud of Pippa, and Api f. It's a shame Noah was sick!
Thanks Guys and Thanks Miss Pearson!

Practicing our plays for next week.

Jason is marking out the lines for practicing,
Athletics day is Thursday 23rd November don at Takapuna athletics club. If you can help please email me.

Logan chose a beautiful Maori story for us to discuss protocol with today.

Written Language was using appropriate similes to describe something so the reader knows exactly what the image is.

Ratu 14 Whiringa-a-nuku

Tuesday 14 November

The last Social practice is tomorrow. The Social is on Friday. I am thrilled that everyone is coming as it is part of the Arts curriculum and we have worked so hard to learn the dances. It is such a fun event. Please get your tickets as soon as possible.

I am happy to take children home if you have work or other commitments on the night.

Today we had a practice of our songs for prize-giving. This was the one James wanted! I wonder why?

Today we discussed how poetry used description but so did other forms of writing. To make our writing descriptive we needed, rich language, good vocabulary, similes, metaphors and yet to be discussed personification.

James is bitten by the bookworm bug ( Metaphor) and can't stop reading this author.
We are working on our plays so we can perform them to the class.

For Maths today we counted to 30 using the Maori words. Can your child do it?

Maths today was time problems. If play time starts at 10.15am and l…