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Ramere 20 Whiringa-a-nuku

Friday 20 October

Have a wonderful Labour weekend. Keep safe and enjoy a three day weekend. Look out for the Kauri Team newsletter in your emails.

Today we had the first of the Kauri dance lessons. Michael the instructor was his normal wonderful self and the kids really enjoyed it. There was one wee hiccup but everything was sorted and we are all looking forward to lesson number 2! Roll on the Kauri Social in week 6! Friday 17 November.

This was in the business section of today's paper talking about the things children need to be successful in later life.

Spike came back having been to Wellington for a holiday. He went to Te papa and did a range of exciting things. This is his recount of the candy shop trip.

Battling it out.

Chess is the hot thing and what a lot you learn playing it! Cruz and Gunn are the chess whizzes but James and Sam are close on their heels!

Learning to do the "double cone" Thanks Logan!

Finished Diwali lanterns

Api vers Sam…
Rapare 19 Whiringa-a-nuku

Thursday 19 October

Kauri Dance starts tomorrow. Children will need light clothes as it gets very warm after 1 hour of non-stop dancing.

Happy birthday Adam!

Diwali started here in India and so did Anshu!

How gorgeous! Aaliyah and Anshu in traditional clothing.

The top I should have worn and a garland. They would have been made of marigolds and jasmin in India but are not commercially sold here.

Marigold, jasmin diva and decorations.

Reading was understanding why Diwali is important. Taken from the NZ herald.

We visited this site for stories about Diwali.
You tube taught us how to make Diwali lanterns

When we were done we could listen and watch other stories.

We used the coloured sand to make patterns on the floor to bring good luck. We also left the door open to bring good luck in.

James loved the stories.