Raapa 8 poutu-te rangi

Wednesday 8 March

What a busy and exciting past few days we have had. My voice may be croaky but my spirits are still buzzing.
I can't thank you fantastic parents for giving up your time to come and make this week so worthwhile. Without you it would not be possible. We totally thank you from the bottom of our heart for all your care, love, support, great ideas, innovation, problem-solving, slavery and willingness to pitch in and do anyand everything.
Hats off to the cooks, Kronfeld, de Groots and other helpers. It was a culinary masterpiece and looking after the allergies list was nothing short of a miracle! XXXXX

Here are some photos from Camp week so far starting with the leisure center.

Birkenhead Leisure center and the fantastic rock climbing!

Thanks parents for helping out on the day. We so appreciate your help.

Great to clip and hang around on the high wires.

On the move to Camp Hunua. We can't wait to go!
I was a bitconcerned when I looked out my kitchen window and saw this amazing sunrise. I hoped it was not a prediction of things to come. "Red sky in the morning is the shepherds warning" but it was!!!

We didn't care for any of that!

Room 11# we rock!

Tuesday at the Waterfall.

Rock throwing competition.

Mr Gardiner you rocked saving Toa's shoe from floating down the river.
Optimistic tent city. We got seriously washed out! Lucky the chapel was behind and we slept "Marae style" in there.

Trust games and team building.

Parachute games

Karakia, thanks Anton.

Wonderful Parents who were just amazing! Thanks so much!

Singing and a video filled in the evening.

This is what were doing when we got told, pack your day pack, get shoes and coats and a burger and we were on the move. Look how much fun we were having! Bother the rain!

Evacuation time.

Police escort

Lunch on the move.

No spotlight this time.

Flashing lights and guides to safety.

Waiting in 4s to cross the slip and river/road run-off.

Tree across the road and slip up behind it.

Red Cross provided food, warm drinks, blankets and a friendly helpful smile.

We waited for the Army trucks to bring the class. Thanks Hunua Primary for accommodating us for such along time.

Sausage sizzle for excited campers.

Evacuation Control Headquarters.

Transport for bags, kids, parents and "stuff".

On the bus. What a great adventure.

Thanks Hunua school. You put up 3 evacuated camps, Adair, Kokako, and US!

It took its toll.

# KauriTeamfor Life.

We were amazing!Thanks to all the amazing parents that helped and most importantly Mrs Bartlett for a wonderfully organised experience. We loved it!


  1. What an exciting time, it looked like so much fun. I hope you've got lots of special memories to share with your family. Well done to all our year 5 & 6 for being brave and understanding.


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