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Raapa 23 Here turi koka

Wednesday 23 August

I have my Daffodil Day stuff here. Don't forget to get organized for our great day!

Ralph and Elvis are in the building!

New bark in the playgrounds and doing a fitness circuit to keep us physically and mentally enriched, just like the animals we have been designing enrichment articles for. Watch us go on both playgrounds!

My "girls" gave me eggs and I had delicious egg sandwiches for lunch. 

Lots of people asked if they could do another information Report so I am using this one to measure against the writing National standards to see how they write totally independently.
They are so engrossed.
Toa and isi choosing what they want to research from the zoo plan and map.
Skimming and scanning, note taking in bullet points whoopee!

Some people wanted books.

I begged and scrounged a computer each and we were engrossed.
Flat out working
Toa went on mine and watched and took notes from a You tube kids site.

Spike was onto it too.
The …
Ratu 22 Here-turi-koka

Tuesday 22 August

Interesting headlines from Satur'days paper

The narrow range of subjects that fall into National Standards the 3 Ws' inhibit those who show skills in the Arts and creativity in my opinion. 
This Friday is Daffodil Day. The children are so excited and creating and working with others to raise money for the Cancer Society.
Look at our Stall posters!

Thinking and adapting then reflecting. Is it what we want? Will it appeal to the buyers? What can I do to improve it?

Look at the creativity and things we learnt from last terms inquiry about the power of advertising.
Bay blade inventions.
Making our model f our animal's enrichment activity/toy that could go on to make animals at the Auckland Zoo feel happy and stimulated. We have certainly been challenged to solve the problems we have met while creating these. Our Learner Qualities of thinking, questioning, adapting, being determined, reflecting and self aware have all been tested and we …